Dear customer

Yorozuen has been selling quality bonsai and bonsai pots since 1898 in Japan.
We have many different types of bonsai available in a variety of sizes and ages as well as antique bonsai pots.

If you are ever planning a trip to Japan, contact us by email and we would love to show you the bonsai and bonsai pots that we have in stock.

We also selling our pots correction on e-bay. We'll be grateful if you visit our e-bay store.


Our customers are accepted for the KOKUFU BONSAI exhibition every year.


Our customers were selected for the first prize for the GAFU BONSAI exhibition.


We were selected for the SAKUFUSOSHIKI-INTYOU-SHO(the first prize for SHOHIN BONSAI) for the SAKUFU exhibition several times.

We have high quality bonsai pots and bonsai trees. If you are interested in bonsai trees or bonsai pots, please contact us. We can show you some excellent bonsai. 

We can send bonsai pots abroad, but we can't send any trees abroad. 

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

If you come to our shop directly, we can sell bonsai trees.


How to Order

If you are interesed in any pots, please email us. Here is our email address:

Please include "bonsai" or "pot" in the subject line, so that we don't miss your email.

First we will check our stock, then we will send the pot.

Please provide the following information: 



Bonsai Pots Part75 




How to Pay

We can  accept bank transfers and Paypal. 

Of course if you come to our shop directly you can use cash or credit card.




If we send bonsai pots abroad, you also have to pay shipping and payment fee(bank transfer fee or Paypal payment fee). 



Shop Addreess

Sashima 3-9-1 

Saitama Ken Kawaguchi Shi 


Phone Number 




About links

If you have web site you can link our web site. If your web site is about bonsai, we can link your site to this web site. 

Here is our web site address.